Settings Menu

The Settings Menu is accessed via the Alien Logo in the upper left corner. From the Settings Menu you can

  • Create Console Configurations
  • Open and Save Master Layouts
  • Assign an OSC User Number
  • Configure Misc Options

Settings Menu Basics

The Settings Menu displays connection related information

  • Console Name and IP Address
  • Name of current Wifi Network
  • Connection Status Indicator - This will glow Green when you are connected to a console.

To create a New Console Configuration

  • Touch the Alien Icon in the Upper Left Corner
  • Select "Consoles > Add Console"
  • "Display Name" Choose any name
  • "IP Address" Enter the IP Address of the EOS Console
  • "Password" Leave this Blank. OSC does not support Password login at this time.
  • Hit Save. oscRFR will Connect to your console.