oscRFR Encoders

Direct Selects are laid out in a familiar 4 x 20 arrangement and can be assigned to any Target Type supported by EOS.

Direct Select Basics

  • 4 Individually Assignable banks of Direct Selects
  • Color Coded - Based on EOS 2.3.2 Colors
  • Store Assignments in Layouts - "Save Layout" and choose the slot number you would like to store to.
  • Channels
  • Groups
  • Presets
  • Intensity, Focus, Beam and Color Palettes
  • Effects
  • Macros
  • Snapshots

Storing Blank Layouts

Often it is helpful to store a Blank Layout in order to easily clear the direct selects of any assignments. Unfortunately this can be difficult to do.

  • On a fresh install or if the encoders are blank simply open the Edit window with no lights selected.
  • Store whatever Layout slot you like as a Blank Page - I like to use 10.
  • If encoders are already mapped it can be difficult to clear them. You have a couple options :
    • 1. Create a new Master Layout in the settings menu. This should clear the encoders. This works well with the iOS version
    • 2. Clear the memory of the App. In Android press and hold the Application Icon and choose App Info. Now select Clear Data.

Both of these options will wipe out any stored page layouts you may have.