oscRFR Encoders

All configurable objects inside oscRFR - like Encoders or Direct Selects - can be saved in Layouts. Layouts simply take a snapshot of what is currently set in the App and can be stored in 1 of 10 slots per page.

In Version 1 Layouts can store :

  • Encoder Configurations
  • Direct Select Configurations

These Layouts can then be stored in a Master Layout. Master Layouts store all the Layouts in the App, allowing users to create different setups for different venues.

Layouts Basics

Many pages have dedicated layout controls but Layouts can always be opened and saved via the Edit menu in the upper right hand corner.

  • Touch the Edit Icon in the Upper Right Corner
  • Configure Encoders and Direct Selects as needed
  • To Save Assignments choose "Save Layout" and the number you wish to Save to.
  • To Recall a Page Layout select "Open" and the number you wish to Recall.
  • Touch the Edit Icon again to close the Edit Menu

Master Layouts

Master Layouts provide users the ability to store different configurations of oscRFR for different applications. Master Layouts store all of the individual Page Layout information in an easy to recall format.

To Create a new Master Layout

  • Touch the Alien Icon in the upper Left corner.
  • Open Layouts in the Settings Menu.
  • Choose "Add Layout" and assign a name.

To open a Master Layout simply open the Settings menu and select the Master Layout you would like to use.