oscRFR Encoders

The Encoder Page gives the user access to 8 individually assignable Encoders - and simple layout tools for saving configurations. Encoder Assignments are stored and parsed by oscRFR - so if you assign an Encoder to be "Magenta" it will always control "Magenta" no matter what type of light is chosen.

Encoder Basics

  • Encoder Assignments are displayed in the center of the wheel
  • The Red number displays the current Value of that attribute type
  • When an Encoder is unavailable for use the assignment will turn gray and the current value will display "NA"
  • Encoders can be in Coarse or Fine Mode - controlled by the small toggle in the upper left. C for Coarse, F for Fine.
  • Min/Max/Home buttons are provided for each Encoder

Encoder Edit Menu

  • Select a Channel number - EOS sends Wheel Assignments via OSC.
  • Touch the Edit Icon in the Upper Right Corner
  • Select the Attribute Types you would like to control.
  • To Save Encoder Assignments choose "Save Layout" and the number you wish to Save to.
  • To Recall an Encoder Layout select "Open" and Layout Page you wish to Recall.
  • Touch the Edit Icon again to close the Edit Menu
  • oscRFR Stores Encoders according to the Attribute Name - so all lights with "Pan" will be controlled by the Pan encoder.

Storing Blank Layouts

  • On a fresh install or if the encoders are blank simply open the Edit window with no lights selected.
  • Store whatever Layout slot you like as a Blank Page - I like to use 10.
  • If encoders are already mapped it can be difficult to clear them. You have a couple options :
    • 1. Create a new Master Layout in the settings menu. This should clear the encoders. This works well with the iOS version
    • 2. Clear the memory of the App. In Android press and hold the Application Icon and choose App Info. Now select Clear Data.

Both of these options will wipe out any stored page layouts you may have.

We know this is annoying - but it's the best procedure we have for right now.