A Simple Intuitive Scheduling Interface - Available to Any Internet Connected Device

Take Control - Building Control

Alien Stagecraft Building Control is a simple scheduling app that gives building owners, managers, tenants and other laypeople access to the playback features of their lighting setup. Building Control sends OSC messages at specific times to any OSC enabled lighting control system - and allows a wide variety of users to schedule reservations.


  • Schedule Lighting Look Changes for any Day or Time
  • Automatically Send Building to Default Look at the appropriate Start Time
  • Automatically Turn Building Off at the appropriate End Time
  • Sign up unlimited numbers of USERS with different levels of permission

Simple Scheduling

Designed to allow any user to schedule lighting looks for the building - without needing to program the lighting controller directly

Browser Interface

Simple browser interface allows any internet connected device to schedule lighting looks.

Public Access

Give tenants, prospective clients and other members of the public limited access to schedule lighting looks - while giving employees a full range of options


Default Lighting Looks
Daily Start & End Times
Sunrise and Sunset Based Scheduling


Access Building Control from anywhere in the world with any internet connected device


Uses Open Sound Control (OSC) to send commands to concert style lighting consoles and architectural controllers



Bank of America Plaza in Dallas Texas contacted Alien Stagecraft with a question - Can we give our clients access to the Exterior Lighting System of a 72 Story building?

The answer was simple - Yes, Yes we can.

Collaborating with the BOA Plaza marketing department - Alien Stagecraft developed allowing employees, tenants and even members of the public the ability to login and control the exterior lighting of the building


  • Sign Up an unlimited number of Users with varying levels of permission
  • Allow those users to invite a select number of guests to use the system
  • Allow members of the public to schedule 1 5 minute lighting change per day
  • Allow members of their management team to schedule unlimited numbers of lighting looks - for any day at any time
  • Give administrators access to User information, User Invitations, Lighting Reservations and More
  • Automatically Turn the Building on or off at the appropriate times
  • Track Sunset and Sunrise Times - ie. Turn the Building On 20 minutes after Sunset

We even got some Great Press from the local ABC affiliate.

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