oscRFR Remote

oscRFR is comprised of several remote pages, each specifically tailored towards the kinds of tasks we find in the field every day.

The Main Remote page contains all of the types of functions a user is likely to need while away from a console. Select any light, record any Cue, recall any macro.

Each Remote page includes our Channel Information Windows - view the currently selected Channel number, level, patch information and fixture type at all times.

oscRFR Remote

The focus page is specifically designed for the task of remotely focusing large numbers of moving lights from a tablet. By default the bottom 2 encoders are mapped to Pan and Tilt - your right thumb controls tilt, your left thumb controls pan.

A small direct select screen and 2 more encoders simplify repeditive tasks - focus a light, zoom, edge, focus a light, zoom, edge.

It's a simple idea - but the arrangement of this page was developed over years of experimentation.

oscRFR Remote

The Facepanel Page contains virtually every key we could think of in one compact layout. Think of the Facepanel as a Nomad companion - giving you access to a full keyboard right from your remote.

  • Displays Key - Access the CIA
  • Arrow Keys
  • Softkey Access - Includes "More Softkeys"
  • Tab, Flexi, Format, Timing and Capture
  • Dedicated Keys for Flash, Channel Check and Offset
  • Undo