A user built solution to Auto-Palettes for EOS
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Post by Mothership » Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:42 pm

I think we can all agree - EOS needs some sort of Auto-Palette function. We just can't seem to agree as to what it should look like.

Sooo... I put together a user built Auto-Palette system that almost works well.

STEP 1 : Open showfile Autopalettes.esf
STEP 2 : Patch the fixtures you would like to use as your By-Type fixtures for each fixture type.
STEP 3 : Add your By-Type channel numbers to Group 9001
STEP 4 : Execute Macro 9999. The system will populate all available data into your By-Type fixtures for IP, BP, CP and FP 9001 thru 9999

Questions to answer :
In addition to the palettes laid out on Magic Sheet 9999 - what other palettes are useful?
My main goal right now is to use this system to support an expanded effects engine and the palettes are geared around that idea.
How it works :

Channel 9001 stores all the various parameter headers to copy palette data to and from various fixture types. Since we can't write conditional statements (ie. IF Fixture type A has parameter type B THEN copy this subset of data) - we simply create a master light that has ALL of the information and EOS will Copy what it can when it can.
The Data is stored in I, F, C & B Palettes 9001 thru 9999. Group 9001 acts as a filter to determine where to send all this information and Macro 9999 does the heavy lifting.

So you can add any information you want to any palette within the 9000's range and as long as channel 9001 has a parameter header for it the data will get passed along.

Limitations :

The main limitation right now is that all of this data is uncalibrated. All CMY fixtures get the same CMY data - every fixture gets the same strobe data even though it's no good. That kinda sucks - but you get a layout, By-Type fixtures installed, etc.

Autopalettes 2014-08-08 12-45-58.esf
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