Please create a designated Facebook page or group

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Please create a designated Facebook page or group

Post by TruthC » Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:39 am


I like your software but I don't have ETC gear. I feel weird posting in the ETC programmers group about Luminosus when I don't plan on using it for ETC consoles.

FYI,they look nice but I don't have access to one and can't afford even the PC dongle at the moment. I installed the PC version and will be seeing what I can figure out. I have used Martin M-PC, among others. I am mostly interested in the sound to light features to MIDI out. As I learn ETC control I will become more interested in those ETC specific features.

Of note, similar software which lacks the visual programming element is RD/MPCTools and the beta version, RD/Cockpit. Another interesting visual programming environment is Big Fug's Fugio.

Would you please create a separate Facebook page or group?

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