Fader page not show cue stack

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Fader page not show cue stack

Post by lxjoans » Thu Nov 01, 2018 7:37 pm

I am running 2.7.4 build 12. The fader page will not show what is assigned to each fader. On a previous show, I believe that each fader was populated with a cue list or sub that was assigned to it. What am I missing to show that info on the fader page?


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Re: Fader page not show cue stack

Post by Mothership » Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:53 pm

Hi there,

It's hard to say what exactly is happening - although there are situations with Faders where EOS doesn't send the information to the App (so we can't show it) or we don't request it.

Sometimes if you are on the fader page when the device is put to sleep - we don't automatically request the faders when the device wakes up. In this case just navigate to any other page and then back to Playback.

Some of the newer Faders don't send us any name information. For example x2 or x3 faders just send "x2"

If you want to fully debug what's happening - Open Tab 99 in EOS and enable OSC Send and Receive. Then connect the App and navigate to the Fader Page

You'll see a bunch of OSC messages like - eos/out/fader/1, "blah blah" - Take a screen shot of those messages and a screen shot of the Faders on the EOS display. We can go over what you see on EOS and what they are sending us for us to display.

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