Developing Workflow

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Developing Workflow

Post by TheTheaterGeek » Thu Jul 02, 2015 10:45 pm

I am a relatively experienced programmer when it comes to normal theater and rental events. I'm learning every day how much more I don't know. I have seen many complex show files and setups from the experts but they all seem wrong in some esoteric way. I am sure this is because they are set up for that specific user's process and view of console functionality. I am having a lot of trouble nailing down my workflow. I always seem to build my parachute differently, sometimes backwards. (Shoutout to Mr.Boozer) I could really use some pointers on developing, and nailing down my process. Ryan Phillips, one of my evaluators at the most recent CUE, had wonderful insight on how to determine what screen layouts work best for me through the process.

Really I have just hit a wall in my learning curve on EOS. The basics, and even a lot of advanced concepts seem elementary to me, but then the next steps of complexity seem way out of reach. For example, The Level 1 Programming Certification at CUE was relatively easy for me, I picked up a ton of new tips and tricks as i always do, but the core stuff is pretty solid in my skill set. But then, when I attended the Live Music Programming Master Class, I found my brain melted by the showfile and concepts that were presented. I am not sure how to begin moving in the direction of a more complex and useful showfile.

Im sorry, I tend to ramble. :p

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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