ocsRFR on iPad; Augm3nted functionality?

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ocsRFR on iPad; Augm3nted functionality?

Post by stubarr » Mon Jan 20, 2020 1:00 am

Hi -

Alien Stagecraft’s ocsRFR has been recommended to me for use with our existing ETC Element (Windows7 version) board. I’m thinking of buying an iPad Pro or other large tablet to run the software. My questions are:

a) Do you think an iPad Pro is a good choice for running ocsRFR, or would you suggest something else?
b) Is there a way to run the software on a tablet (iPad or other) and have it be wired to the Element as opposed to wireless? I’m nervous about depending on a wireless connection to operate flawlessly with a paying audience in the house.
c) ETC is in beta with their new Augm3nted software, which I’m very excited about (visualization of show cues once set info and instrument positions are entered/captured; moving light focusing tools, etc.). Does Alien Stagecraft plan to have the ocsRFR app interface in some way with Augm3nted, or are they entirely separate programs?

Many thanks.

Stuart R

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Re: ocsRFR on iPad; Augm3nted functionality?

Post by Mothership » Tue Jan 21, 2020 8:44 pm

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the inquiry. Some thoughts :

An iPad Pro should be fine for running oscRFR. Honestly it's overkill if that is the only thing you plan on doing with the device. I like the iPad Mini as it's a good size to put in your pocket - but I wouldn't go any smaller than that.

Wired - oscRFR runs on a basic TCP Network connection. If your tablet supports a wired network connection than it should work fine. I'd guess it's easier to connect an Android tablet with a hard wired connection - but it's just a guess.

Honestly if you have a decent wireless router with a strong signal to the tablet - you should be fine but we don't in any way think running live shows on a focus remote is a good idea.

Augment - oscRFR is just a focus remote. It sends keystrokes back and forth to the console - that's basically it. oscRFR will work with Augment to the extent that it is just sending information to the console - so if you are in Blind and looking at cues in Augment - keystrokes on oscRFR would do the same things as keystrokes on the console itself.

Hope that helps,


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